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Why Do Depression and Even Suicide Memes Sometimes Make Us Feel Better?

I would like to draw attention to the subreddit /r/2meirl4meirl. It’s a little corner of the internet, quite an active one in fact, where users constantly post memes talking about wanting to die or how depressed they are. This is a stark contrast from /r/wholesomememes, which is supposed to make us feel better. However, some claim that /r/2meirl4meirl makes them feel better than any other form of comic relief. Here is an example of a meme you might see posted on /r/2meirl4meirl:

The same phenomenon can also be seen in millenials. They literally bond over wanting to die. Why is this? Why does negativity make us feel better than positivity?

My point of view is that it feels good to us to have someone understand where we’re coming from, to be right there with us in our feelings. It lets us laugh at ourselves, and maybe that’s not such a bad thing, even when it comes to serious topics such as suicide. In any case, whatever form of comedy makes you feel better, you have nothing to be ashamed of. It appears to be a very normal phenomenon, at least in our generation, to find such jokes humorous and to find relief in them. Keep doing you! On the other side of the coin, if such jokes disturb you, stay away from them. We’re all different.

Please offer your opinion in the comments on this phenomenon.