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Free iOS Apps to Help Your Mental Health

“There’s an app for that!” you always hear people remark. But is that true? Well, it is in part for mental health! Here are several apps that are designed with that in mind, in no particular order.

Simple Habit

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If you think you don’t have time to meditate, you’re dead wrong! This app allows you to meditate for a short five minutes each day, gradually improving your mental well being.


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Youper is an app that lets you have daily conversations with an AI (artificial intelligence) that aims to point out flaws in your thinking and reduce anxiety and depression. I’ve personally used it and felt much better afterwards. Maybe it’ll be a good fit for you too!

What’s Up? – A Mental Health App

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“What’s Up?” has so many aspects that it’s hard to summarize them in just a paragraph. In short, and this list is not at all exhaustive, there’s a daily diary for you to store your feelings in, calming breathing techniques, and forums to communicate with others who may understand where you’re coming from. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. For a full list, see their description in the App Store.

To conclude, our phones can help us cope with our mental illnesses. They are not a complete remedy, but perhaps something we can implement along with other treatments. In any case, they’re free, so they’re worth a try!