Walking Meditation – Meditation for People Who Hate Meditation

Meditation has been shown to have many benefits as far as mental health goes, showing reductions in depression and anxiety among other negative feelings. We all know how good it is; a million blog posts will let you know.
But let me let you in on a secret.
I hate meditation.

I find it mind numbingly boring. I find it impossible to sit still. My ADHD tells me I need to get up and do something. But I still want to reap the benefits of regular meditation.

So I took up something new – walking meditation. You focus on your breath and the feeling of your feet hitting the ground, similar to what one would do in normal meditation, but you’re moving, getting exercise, and get to keep your eyes open! I’ve been much more successful with meditation using this method than the traditional method. After all, it’s all about mindfulness, and as long as you’re practicing that, you’re giving your brain the same “exercise” it gets while meditating.

The link below is a good example of a guided walking meditation that you can try right now, no matter where you are. Enjoy!


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