How It Feels to Go to a Christian University as an Atheist

This is a bit off topic, but still has to do with feelings and my mental well being so I suppose it still works for this blog.

To start us off, I’ll explain my predicament. I went to a Christian university as an atheist because it was close to home. I couldn’t leave home because I had to stay near our beloved coauthor (and my boyfriend) Matty, and also my severe anxiety put up a fight when it came to the idea of me leaving the nest. So I went to a Christian college.

How does it feel? It feels a little bit alienating. But it’s mostly just boring. I have to go to chapel every few days and I take an Old Testament class, both of which are mind-numbingly boring.

Do I regret my decision? No. I don’t fit in, but I have my boyfriend by my side. And that makes up for everything I have to put up with here. Sometimes you have to make sacrifices for those you love.

If you’re facing the same decision, do it if you have good reason and just tough it out. But otherwise, go somewhere else, because you certainly will not feel a sense of belonging at the college, and I wish I had that. Nothing against my college, it’s just not the best place for me.

Good luck to anyone currently picking a college. Make good choices.


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